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President Jeanne Tessanari called the meeting to order at 1:05 P.M.

Secretary’s report of the February 2 meeting has been emailed to members. It was accepted for file.  

Treasurer’s report for February 2 meeting has been emailed to members.  There was one correction- Design workshop was changed to Art in Bloom tickets. It was accepted for file.  

Corresponding Secretary Carrie Wailgum read a thank you note from Sally Kimball.  

Program Pattie Tworek  The April meeting will have Veronica Worthington speaking about the soil web and enriching your garden soil. The Art in Bloom bus trip is filled.  

Horticulture Pattie Tworek The April meeting will be a chance for members to exhibit bulbs and spring perennials.  

Ways and Means Members can order and prepay for denim aprons.  

Plant Sale and Raffle Audrey Osborn, Mary Ann Cantella.

Audrey had a clip board sent around for members to sign up for jobs. Everyone was reminded to bring six plants to the sale. Sale is May 29th.  Lee Tanner explained to everyone how the raffle would be run. Each members prepays for tickets.  

Membership Sue Hart presented two new members.  Cindy Lasih 5 Bassett Woods Road , Harwich , MA 02645

And Iona Siegel  12 Blue Herron Landing PO Box 1101 Harwich, MA 02645   Ann MeCarthy has resigned.  

New Business Trudy Steel announced there will be a Gardening Symposium on April 17 at Barnstable High School .  $60 per person, including lunch.

Harwich Conservation Trust will hold a meeting n Monday March 8 for volunteers who will be asked to count herring.

Geri Shurman needs someone who is good at drawing to scale for the Trails Committee.  Two new volunteers are needed to head up the Bridge Luncheon.  A reminder Sharon Oudermool will be selling tickets for the members garden tour.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30.  

Susan Granai ( substitute for Maisie Wall)